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<BlueStar> my dad used to leave the dish on the porn channels
<BlueStar> so i'd turn it on and there'd be porn
<BlueStar> i was always like "augh!!"
<hotdogcore> eww
<BlueStar> then i discovered the internet... haha.
<hotdogcore> ta da
<hotdogcore> !
<BlueStar> my mom walks in as I've got like 10 windows of BME hard open
<BlueStar> I'm usin win 98 at that time
<hotdogcore> ahahahaha
<BlueStar> so i try to click the desktop icon
<BlueStar> and its too slow
<BlueStar> so i turn my computer off
<BlueStar> she yelled at me: "you're going to get bad sectors! if you're looking at porn you dont' want me to see, turn off your monitor!"
<BlueStar> ....I got bad sectors.
<hotdogcore> bahaha

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