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<Shadowless> How can I tell if I'm circumsized or not? From everyone's descriptions, I'm assuming I am not. I think I even recall my father telling me they decided not to have it done to me because of problems that can develop. I'd ask but I'm a little too embarrassed. I'm very private with my body.
<Shadowless> I do have quite a bit of loose skin below the glans, but it's still clearly separated when erect. When I was young though, before I was getting erections, the skin was always bunched up around the glans and I could easily slide it over. I am also extremely sensitive on the under-side of my shaft toward the top -- exactly where the skin is. I get ejaculate by just massaging this.
<Shadowless> My sincere apologies if this was too graphic for anyone.
<Shadowless> I'm tempted to just suck it up and use Google image search to find out.
<Baloogan> dude, WHAT THE FUCK

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