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<ttyR2> mebe I'll hard wire an external modem to make DTMF tones and hook it to the phone line for those pesky sales calls
<MtDew> just get an air horn
<ttyR2> I happen to have one
<ttyR2> runs off a bottle of CO2 from my paintball gun
<MtDew> my parents used to have a small one sitting next to the phone
<MtDew> any telemarketer got a blast in their ear
<Magus> "Good day, sir, I represent the Hotsy Totsy Aluminum Siding Co., and...." HOOOOONK! "AAAGH!"
<MtDew> exactly
<Magus> nah, telemarketers are fun to play with
<Magus> my favorites are the credit card guys
<Magus> once I let one go thru his whole pitch, he thought he'd made a sale, then I asked
<Magus> "I just got out of prison 2 weeks ago for credit card fraud, will that hurt anything?"
<Magus> *click*

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