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<Veni_Veni_Veni> and one of my friends (almost 18) fucked a 13 year old at the party
<Veni_Veni_Veni> Which i lollerskated about
<Joe_McCormick> >_<
<Joe_McCormick> did your mate enjoy it?
<Joe_McCormick> :P
<laser-kun> You had 13 year olds at your party?
<Veni_Veni_Veni> I had two - one of my friends little brother and his friend - but they act as if they're much older. It sounds incredibly strange but they're very cool.
<Joe_McCormick> wait was the friend a girl .......?
<Veni_Veni_Veni> Yes.
<Veni_Veni_Veni> The 13 year old was the male
* Joe_McCormick bows doen to the 13 year old kid

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