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Iridium24: well my lady friend seemed excited to get my number so we'll see
DogmaticLaw99: lol
DogmaticLaw99: see what she looks like when youre sober
Iridium24: i was DD friday night
DogmaticLaw99: ahh
Iridium24: but i totally know what you mean
Iridium24: a year ago feb when i had just turned 21
Iridium24: omg i dont know what the fuck i was thinking
Iridium24: she had this GIANT birth mark across her face
DogmaticLaw99: lol
Iridium24: i didnt notice until i called her up the next day and i picked her up for a date
Iridium24: i almost went "holy shit what happened to your face!"
Iridium24: and then i saw some pictures and she has clearly had it all her life
Iridium24: i was like omg, how many drinks did i have last night!
DogmaticLaw99: thats sad bro
Iridium24: In conclusion i go to dance clubs sober now

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