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<Popgun> at least 24 people have died in a fire in a chinese internet cafe
<Kuss> popgun, they were probably playing everquest, and didn't want to lose their shit
<Argent-> Popgun - how many terminals were pointed to the local fire department website?
<Popgun> they clicked onto elexa and self-immolated
<Popgun> if that were the case, they would probably welcome the conflagration
<Argent-> "De-ah hon-oh-ra-bo fiahman, we buhning up heah, prease send wa-tah, we no wanto stop praying evahquest."
<Kuss> oh my god
<Kuss> argent
<Kuss> that's hysterical
<Argent-> More negatives on my karmic burden.
<ln> I'd be offended by that if it weren't so funny
* ln gives Arg a token asian smack
<Popgun> they ghost of Chairman Mao will get you, argento
<Popgun> remember the trouble you had with Stalin?

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