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<Bookworm> bash.org I don't think it's abuse, do you?
<IICV> bash.org Why are we prefacing everything with bash.org?
<JeremiahSmith> bash.org Nope.
<AngelHedgie> bash.org No, more like pointing out the flaw in the script.
<JeremiahSmith> bash.org Because Yin-Tzu's scripts filter out all lines that contain bash.org.
<Bookworm> bash.org - iicv - Yin-Tzu has a script that replaces the whole line that has bash.org in it with "I'm a flaming lamer"
<IICV> bash.org Spiffy.
<JeremiahSmith> bash.org So he doesn't know we're talking about him.
<AngelHedgie> bash.org So we're trying to drive a point home.

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