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<ColeW> heh, i just had to tackle my brother
<ColeW> he tried to look at my internet history =(
<obithrawn> How old is he?
<ColeW> ummm....13..14...
<ColeW> one of those
<obithrawn> Oh, good move then.
<ColeW> i was like, why is he racing towards the computer....OH SHIT!
<Yawgatog> I think it's time you and he had a chat about the Bird Maidens and the Killer Bees
<ColeW> no one will ever know about my hairy underaged russian transexual fetish
<ColeW> ...
<ColeW> did i just say that out loud?
<CrazyLich> no you typed it
<ColeW> oh...phew
* CrazyLich copy + pastes quote.

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