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<Darric> Ok, so this guy's playing golf with a priest.
<Darric> And he's really bad, so every time after one bad putt after another, he's like "FUCK I MISSED THE FUCKING HOLE"
<[PervertedMonk]> k
<[PervertedMonk]> ...
<Darric> Next hole... swing... putt... "FUCK I MISSED"
<Darric> And the priest becomes a little unnerved
<[PervertedMonk]> obviously
<Darric> So he says "You really shouldn't keep saying that, or the Lord may well strike you down"
<Darric> Next hole: Swing... putt... "FUCK I MISSED!"
<Darric> And then there's a rumbling in the clouds, and a lightning bolt strikes the priest dead
<Darric> And a voice overhead... "FUCK I MISSED"

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