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<Neshie> whenever I eat red apples I get bad luck
<Neshie> so it might aswell happen now so I can get over it quicker
<Fariha_UK> :(
<Fariha_UK> i get bad luck when i eat rhubarb leaves
<Fariha_UK> cos they;re poisonous:/
<Neshie> erm ok
<Neshie> I dont want to eat these apples but im bloody starving
<Fariha_UK> ummm
<Fariha_UK> take the skin off, that way they're no longer red
<Neshie> ive eaten everything else
<Neshie> erm
<Neshie> theyre still red apples with or without skin
<Fariha_UK> hmmm this sounds like a philosophical discussion to me

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