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* Inferno has joined #Depressed
<Inferno> fuck i hate thos faggots, all walkin down the street together
<Inferno> and holdin hands an shit
<Inferno> its fucken sick
<Inferno> fuck what i wouldnt give for some head right now
<Inferno> i wonder if my flatmate will oblige :)
<nerfBoy> is she hot?
<Inferno> he and yeah he is alright
<Iverson> WTF?! i thought you were homophobic
<Inferno> whats that?
<Iverson> you hate gays..
<Inferno> yeah i do..
<Iverson> you want ur MALE flatmate to give you head..
<Inferno> yeah and? fags only do anal..
<Iverson> im not touching your issues with a 40 foot pole.

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