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(backslash) Wow, the introduction to this chapter in the driving book we got today is. . . well, reassuring.
(backslash) 'Finally, the keys and the car... our dream has come true! You climb in behind the wheel, the engine starts and purrs. Wow! Shift into gear and you're off.
(backslash) The sky darkens, rain starts to fall... Where is that wiper switch? Oops, not that one. Oh! There is it! And now, the headlights.
(backslash) What does that bright blue light mean? Why is that oncoming car flashing high beams? My gosh... the car in front is braking... Your vehicle is sliding!! Your heart is pounding! Now what?!'
(zztzed) "If you slam on the brakes and go hydroplaning into the rear end of the car in front of you, turn to page 36."

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