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<Zer0-kewl> and in network properties i'm static on
<Prem0> thats why
<Prem0> ass
<Prem0> your ip is too high
<Prem0> cant go above 255
<Zer0-kewl> too high?  wtf?
<Prem0> your at 300
<Zer0-kewl> Thirty
<Prem0> if U wanted 30 it should be
<Killeroy> wtf?
<Killeroy> lemme quote that on bash.org :)
<Prem0> remember it adds 0's to the end
<Prem0> lol
<Zer0-kewl> since when?
<Prem0> since forever
<Prem0> thats tcp/ip brother
<Zer0-kewl> if it thought my IP was 300...i doubt i woudl be talking to you hear.
<Prem0> change it to .030 and then try it
<Killeroy> prem0, don't make it worse for you...

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