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*** skwerrel (skwer@rn-reclta106.uwaterloo.ca) has joined #3fs
<skwerrel> wtf??
<skwerrel> is this the nap room?
<skwerrel> everyone's asleep
<skwerrel> yeah, I know what you mean...
<skwerrel> so, how's life skwerrel?
<skwerrel> meh...not bad.  Didn't do as well as I thought I would on my econ exam, but there's still two more so I'm not that worried
<skwerrel> sorry to hear it, buddy.  good luck on your other ones
<skwerrel> thanks guy
<skwerrel> wanna cyber?
<skwerrel> um..no thanks
<skwerrel> *sniff*oh...
<skwerrel> it's not you...i, uhh...have a blister on my palm
<skwerrel> sure, whatever
*** skwerrel (skwer@rn-reclta106.uwaterloo.ca) Quit (Client Exit: PH34R T3H P13)

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