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<thnom> AntiVirusIRC v0.2 is now running; please type !virus to test your system
<Morphine> :))
<Morphine> !virus
<Morphine> lol
<thnom> AntiVirusIRC v0.2 is now currently checking Morphine for infected files.
<thnom> wait a bit .........
<thnom>  Morphine; AntiVirusIRC v0.2 has detected a virus, press ALT + F + C; to identify the infected file(s).
<thnom> AntiVirusIRC v0.2 was brought to you by Tw0Y3d-]
<Morphine> ?
[11:06] *** Morphine has quit IRC ((23:33:55) (@mart`db) xp is dodgy)
<thnom> rofl
[11:07] *** Morphine has joined #abjects

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