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<Warokii> i got home this morning at 9am after driving all night hauling animal feed from wentachee
<Warokii> and all i wanted to do was sleep
<Warokii> so i slept
<Warokii> and i had 1 hour of sleep in me when somebody started ringing the door bell
<Warokii> and wouldnt quit
<Warokii> and i was rightously peeeved for havin my sleep disturbed
<Warokii> i answered the door with an half assed mind and thinking it was that tupperware saleswoman who kept coming to my block to sell plastic
<Warokii> and i gave the woman a piece of my mind in the most nasty way
<WillZ> and?
<Warokii> .... turns out it was my mom.
<kyokki> LOL! that's not good
<Warokii> i think im off her will :(

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