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<NeonMorning> I'm so bored I've resorted to entering a general teen chat channel.
<NeonMorning> [02:22:48] <viju> hi girls i am a young male boy who loves to have a peep under the dresses of girls like you  or ladies or even housewives. i want to go under the skirts dresses or sarees of all u young n beautiful ladies. i just like  to play there and lick all that is avilable down under. Will u allow me under?  i Know u want me under   ;)
<NeonMorning> English isn't his thing, apparrently.
<Urban_Hermit> he seems to be facinated with Australia...
<NeonMorning> He loves "all that is available in the down under."
<Urban_Hermit> kangaroos... wombats... koalas....

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