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<LeslieHapablap> do you snow ball?
<katester> mom to kid:  "i should have swallowed"
<tyler> my friend jordan got snowballed once
<tyler> we called him snowball for like a yera
<tyler> year
<tyler> by some other guy's junk too
<mkb> i am torn between curiosity and not wanting to know
<PaddyBoy> I'm not,
<PaddyBoy> I don't need to know. :)
<tylerox> that's what you get for kissing drunk sluts at new-years parties
<tylerox> he got kissed
<tylerox> what is he complaining about
<sureshot> dammit, i didn't want to know,.
<katester> haha
<mkb> damn that was probably several other guys' junk then
<tylerox> it wasn't like a mouthful
<tylerox> it was just the aftertaste, really
<LeslieHapablap> still.
<tylerox> i mean she's not walking around with it in her cheek or anything
<PaddyBoy> hahaha.
<PaddyBoy> Saving it for just the right schmuck.
<LeslieHapablap> chipmunk the junk.
<tylerox> like a plug of tobbaco
<sureshot> haha.  christ.
<eliti> hahahahahaha

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