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<@UBC_Wiska> I have invented a vibrator featuring a CPU, 64 MB RAM... it is wireless and LAN capable
<@theamy> *vibrates*
<@UBC_Wiska> wtf?
* kevinb notes that UBC has invented anal vibrator for personal use
<@UBC_Wiska> it will be able to download "personalities"
<@Narcissus> Why would one want to switch personalities mid-use?
<@UBC_Wiska> for example
<@UBC_Wiska> the leo personality shuts the vibrator off :)
<@theamy> What would your personality do Wisket
<@theamy> I know what matt's would
<@kevinb> It would shrink to half the size
<@theamy> LOL
<@UBC_Wiska> the size and diameter are variable
<@UBC_Wiska> and set on personalities
<@Narcissus> That's one sophisticated vibrator:)
<@UBC_Wiska> for example, kevin's would be swollen from all the previous j/o :)
<@kevinb> It would also implement Impotent sub-routines.
<@kevinb> lol
<@Narcissus> Keep the vibrator discussion clean, Wisk:)
<@UBC_Wiska> How?

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