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* jtal sets mode: +v
<jtal> no more talking from you young man
Mash- is now known as -WTF-_
-WTF-_ is now known as givemev
givemev is now known as plz-
plz- is now known as comon1
comon1 is now known as usux-
* usux- has quit IRC (you suck cock give me voice)
* usux- has joined #MethaneDev
* usux- has quit IRC (come on don't be a bitch)
* usux- has joined #MethaneDev
<jtal> OMFG DO YOU NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP! HOLY FUCKING SHIT JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!%!!!@!$@!)(@#*!()@)$04812041892801392onetwoninethreesevensix

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