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<EggTrivia>  &#8221; What is the title of the 1996 sequel to "Terms of Endearment"? &#8221;
<TMF> terms of endearment II
<TrueChaos> er no
<TrueChaos> not that easy
<Tags|Sue> lol
<TrueChaos> terms of endearment 2
<el_presidente> the return of the terms of endearment
<TrueChaos> terms of endearment: 2
<TMF> !!hint
<TrueChaos> yay
<Tags|Sue> Terms of Endearment: The Revenge
<TMF> the morning star
<EggTrivia> TMF answered the morning star in 37 seconds and was absolutely CORRECT!!!
<EggTrivia> Next question in 20 seconds, get ready!
<el_presidente> lol
<TrueChaos> attack of the terms of endearment

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