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<Dante> so this cinco de mayo bullshit right
<Dante> all the mexicans go cruising in their lowriders all decked out with beaner crap down a certain avenue here
<Brian> haha
<Brian> yeah
<Brian> that would be today
<Dante> so when we got off work, an associate and i
<Dante> we went and bought a big fucking french flag
<Dante> and berets
<Dante> and the french national anthem CD
<Dante> and draped the flag over his Charger
<Brian> HAHAHA
<Dante> and cruised with the mexicans wearing berets and blaring the french anthem
<Dante> we got so many bad looks
<Dante> and whenever we'd pull up at a stop light
<Dante> we'd starting talking about pastries and perfum in french accents to the car next to us

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