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<kisama> hold on we made charts of our class schedules
<nyisles> thats why i didnt go away to college
<nyisles> i could never have a roommate
<nyisles> jerking off would be way too awkward
<Guilty> Ny, I imagine everyone does it in the shower
<Guilty> So hygiene benefits from awkwardness
<Guilty> Or just get a girlfriend
<nyisles> that 's so inconvenient when I 've got 8+ gigs of video porn on my HDD!
<DrNick668> guilty: can u get waterproof pron?
<Guilty> Having sex with a girl wouldnt be nearly as awkward in front of someone
<nyisles> it would be to me
<Guilty> Its called your imagination, nick
<kisama> hmm
<kisama> on mondays, wednesdays
<kisama> and fridays
<kisama> i can wack it
<kuro> i won 't be anywhere around
<kuro> i 'll be in class
<kuro> so he can do whatever the fuck he wants, as long as my stuff is still clean when i get home
<Guilty> Snow is so honest
<Guilty> He says right in front of his roomate "On monday and friday I'll be masturbating while you're at class"
<kuro> i won't come back early

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