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<@Aztorath> I got stuck in a playground slide today.
<@Aztorath> Literally WEDGED inside the tube.
<@Aztorath> We took my roomates kid to the park to play on the stuff. And my roomate tells me to go down backwards, lying on my back, headfirst.
<@Aztorath> It was one of those totally enclosed twisty tube slides.
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<@Aztorath> So I'm like, "Alright". I climb in, slide about halfway to the sharp curve, and his kid jumps in after me, HEADfirst. He slams into me and is lying on my legs, my head hits the top of the tube, and I just about bend entirely in half.
<@Aztorath> So now I'm literally wedged inside this hot, tiny, plastic tube, with an extra 60 lbs pressing on me, entirely stuck. Can't move. Kid can't go back up because his feet are out behind him, and I'm kissing my knees.
<@Aztorath> If I were ever close to giving myself a blowjob, today was that day.

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