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<dinarchvs> my friend sobel just had a great idea
<dinarchvs> fuck this 3d-accelerating game video hardware
<dinarchvs> we need smut-specific hardware
<dalias> ?
<dinarchvs> like an on the fly compression/decompression chip that specializes in compressing fleshtones in images to save bandwidth
<dalias> hahaha
<dalias> dude, go get some
<dinarchvs> or hardware-based algorithms to help render smut faster
<dinarchvs> like a nipple algorithm to accelerate nipple drawing
<dalias> you're developing a pr0n obsession
<dinarchvs> a special dick rendering chip
<dinarchvs> that can draw over 2000 dicks/second
<auspex_> there is pr0n specific hardware... gigabit ethernet

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