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<Dokstarr> can anyone think of a good way to appeal and indecent exposure charge.. i can't believe people would actually cite me for that :(
<Zanza> dokstarr: how indecent?
<Xagemo> Dokstarr, say that your clothes had been soaked in some kind of acid
<Dokstarr> i only mooned people from a car windown.. and then at a toll booth mooned people fot a while
<Dokstarr> sunroof
<Zanza> can't think of an excuse for that
<Krinos> of course you run the risk of people chucking stuff at your naket arse
<Dokstarr> who knew a cop would be waiting a mile down because people called and complained
<Xagemo> Dokstarr, i think you are screwed
<Dokstarr> dont 136 people have better things to do than call the cops
<Dokstarr> krinos they loved my "arse" they probably took some snapshots
<Krinos> people who love an arse don't call the cops -_-
<Aoshi> lol.
<Dokstarr> when the cop stopped me i thought maybe only 1 or 2 called.. .but 136 they need a life
<Zanza> 136 people?
<Dokstarr> yeah i did all the way down the highway.. then at the toll booth.. and then when there was a traffic jam
<Dokstarr> well i am off... gotta think of some sort of plea bargain or something to get it off my record...

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