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*** tanner has joined #support
<Tabby_Tech> Welcome to ISP Support Chat, How can we help you?
<tanner> i need a good dildo site to go to
<@jeff-ISP-away> tanner why dont you go away
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: you should find a search engine like www.google.com
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: we don't provide support for things like that
<tanner> then what
<tanner> do i type in dildo shop
<Tabby_Tech> tanner: you type in whatever you want to search for in the search window
* @jeff-ISP-away thinks tanner is a little kid who learned a new word today
<tanner> I am 20 and i am a sexy woman
<@jeff-ISP-away> uh huh
<tanner> i am
<@jeff-ISP-away> and one who is about to be without an internet connection if you do not stop asking those questions in here
*** tanner has left #support

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