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<Eticam> I work at a computershop
<Eticam> And you don't wanna know how f***in' STUPID some customers are
<Eticam> I get questions like:
<Eticam> "What is better, a scanner or printer?"
<Eticam> "I'm looking for a serious mouse"
<Eticam> "My internet doesn't work" "What kind of connection do you have?" "Windows XP"
<Eticam> "The mouse you sold me is incomplete" "Ma'am, it's meant to have no cable"
<Eticam> I even had a customer who brought his pc for technical service
<Eticam> "My dog humped the pc and had an orgasm in the power supply, and it short circuited" "how's the dog?" "Don't know, my wife took him to the vet"
<Eticam> really, one day I'm gonna shoot myself in front of a customer....

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