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<brenty|Away> I have to get my afro cut tommorow. Im sad.
<Spitty> brent is my personal hero
<Spitty> k, brent is not my hero anymore
<Icez> if he was a superhero, he would be afro ass basher
<Spitty> its now........Sivart
<brenty|Away> You just asked me for a kiss, why are you calling me a homo?
<Spitty> .....um....LOOK OVER THERE!
<Icez> brent, he thinks if you kiss him he will be turn strait
<Siv{SoSeksi}> I have hair half way to my butt Spitty
<DragonD> didnt need to know that Siv...
<Spitty> yeah, but not a fro
<Siv{SoSeksi}> true
<brenty|Away> You will show respect to the fro.
<Siv{SoSeksi}> DragonD, you asked if I trimmed my pubic hair in PM 5 mintues ago :S
<Spitty> is it really a fro? or just a gathering of hair?
<Icez> you a black guy brent??
<Icez> do you have soul?
<brenty|Away> African American dude,
<Spitty> oh yeha, yur black....today...
<Icez> I see, so, your from africa?
<brenty|Away> Detroit. Close enough.
<brenty|Away> Im waiting for my reperations so I can buy a wife.

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