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<gelfwag> So, I'm in the administration room now. What do I do to really fuck them up bad?
<@mooie> how did you get on the computer in there?
<+greg> give the computer a good shock to fuck up the hard drive or just knock it over
<+greg> and burn the windows/office/etc CDs
<gelfwag> haha! this is awesome the CD cases are melting.
<gelfwag> the mouse is melting it's so awesome
<gelfwag> oh shit the mousepad caught fire
<+greg> dump it somewhere
<gelfwag> fuck the room's getting filled with smoke what the hell do I do now?!
<+greg> let it start burning then get away and pull a fire alarm somewhere in the halls
<gelfwag> hahaha
<gelfwag> oh shit the library bitch is coming wtf do I do now?!?!?!!
<+greg> Beat the shit out of her and run.. or if she saw your face, kill the ho and move to mexico
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