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<R0SC0E> i bought this returned 60 gig hard drive this weekend
<R0SC0E> thinking they probably just didn't know how to install it
<R0SC0E> and it'd be fine
<ScumDog> cheap or something?
<R0SC0E> and it turned out to be an old 20 gig drive with the label swapped
<R0SC0E> yeah
<R0SC0E> but the fuckwad left all his old files on it
<R0SC0E> so i have his name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail
<R0SC0E> i e-mailed him and was like you dumbshit
<R0SC0E> he e-mailed back and was like i uh sell computer parts so once it leaves my hands i don't know what people do with their stuff
<R0SC0E> i was like what the fuck does that mean, why would someone take a 20 gig drive you sold, and put all of these letters to lawyers with your return address on them
<R0SC0E> and call their windows username your name
<R0SC0E> no reply after that

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