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<@Infinik> Do you think the Matrix ever gets netsplits?
<warpunk> Sure.
<@Infinik> Quits: Trinity (smith.matrix.com jackson.matrix.com)
<@Infinik> Quits: Morpheus (Quit: Observe the powers of the red pill, bitch)
<@Infinik> Smith has been kicked by Neo (Cloner) (-M-a-t-r-i-x-)
<warpunk> Heh.
<Swanky-Tuna> Why would you take a pill from a bald black man in the middle of nowhere?
<warpunk> Cuz I paid for 'em!
<Swanky-Tuna> there was a flash about that
<Swanky-Tuna> everybody started smiling as he was passing out
<warpunk> All your matrix are belong to us.
<Swanky-Tuna> and trinity was just a crossdresser
<@Infinik> Haha
<Infinik> "The Trinity?" "The Trinity who hacked the IRS d-base?" "That was a long time ago." "I thought you were a guy." "That was a long time ago too."

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