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<GladX> holy
<Azhrarn> moly
<GladX> a cloud just flew into my house
<GladX> !!!
<@sdodson> cloud?
<Azhrarn> we call that "fog"
<GladX> yes, one of those white puffy things
<TheWeasel> neat.
<GladX> my house was experiencing turbulence!
<TheWeasel> invite it to have coffee.
<Azhrarn> poke it with a stick!
<Azhrarn> A POKING stick!
<@sdodson> Are you atop something tall enough to put you up where clouds live?
<GladX> Azhrarn: it was a cloud
* TheWeasel sics Mr. Madsen on Azhrarn.
<GladX> either it was a cloud or a new string of attack fog
<TheWeasel> maybe it was car exhaust.
<GladX> strain
<GladX> there goes another one
<GladX> i'm watching clouds zip by my house!
<TheWeasel> take pictures.
<Azhrarn> Mmm... Attack Fog
<@sdodson> It was a cloud!!!! 
* sdodson giggles
<Azhrarn> What will the Russians come up with next?

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