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*** Big_Daddy changes topic to '(@ALbino) i sucked nwar, but not like i had a choice :)'
(Big_Daddy) that is in fact NOT taken out of context btw :)
(nwar) nor is it edited in anyway
(ALbino) bd always takes my stuff out of context
(ALbino) what he's not telling you is that nwar was bitten by a poisonous snake and in order to save nwar's life i had to suck the poison out. so, in fact, i am not a raging homosexual with dong-swallowing tendancies, but rather, a hero. someone to be looked up to and respected :)
(Big_Daddy) who eats the cock :)
(ALbino) besides the point :)
(ALbino) surely you aren't suggesting that just because a guy likes to gargle a little cock every now and then that he can't be a hero to the masses :)
(Big_Daddy) now you're saying nwar has a little cock?

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