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* nSu`bNr`t has joined #asp
<nSu`bNr`t> is that a channel for active server page ?
<Karyon> no
<Karyon> its the Asp, Snake and Serpent discussion group
<Karyon> We're snaketrainers
<Karyon> you interested in becoming one?
<ZondrZout> Karyon! I just tought my snake a new trick!!
<Karyon> really?
<ZondrZout> Yeah, I tought it how to find an entrance
<Karyon> You dont have a snake, idiath
<ZondrZout> I don't?
<Karyon> no
<Karyon> thas your dick
<ZondrZout> Dick, go search for an entrance on Karyon!

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