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<TF-Carbon16> Okies... heres how it works...
<TF-Carbon16> when i first encountered halflife, the deathmatch mod... like hl multiplayer
<TF-Carbon16> i loved it and...
<TF-Carbon16> one day, i was sitting in science class high as a kite
<TF-Carbon16> and, the teacher, was talking about the element carbon, and mentioned that the isatope carbon16 is rare, unstable, and random
<TF-Carbon16> then said sumthin about its halflife
<TF-Carbon16> and i was like half life, rare and unstable... sounds like me
<TFr-c0k3> thats a lot of shit for a name man
<TFr-c0k3> i got mine from looking at a coke can on my desk ;)

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