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! Join: (Kiwi) (nama@AC866DE5.ipt.aol.com)
(Kiwi): so wet...
(Kiwi): so juicy....
(Kiwi): so moist...
(Kiwi): mmm...Kiwi
! @S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior poops on kiwi
(@S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior): oh pardon me
(@S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior): was that an aol user?
(Kiwi): yes, yes it was
(@S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior): oopsie
(Kiwi): AOL is the #1 ISP provider
(Kiwi): respect
(@S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior): you should be very proud of yourself
(@S73pH4n|3|Domestic_Warrior): "so easy, no wonder it's #1 among the people who can't tie their own shoe laces"

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