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Girl: i like falling asleep with cold pillows by the way
  SkibblesMcCheese: That's nice
  SkibblesMcCheese: I like bunnies and marshmallows
  Girl: well, i'm just lettin ya know so that you can have some cold ones ready for me after our extensive sex fest
  Girl: i figured you'd be polite and do that for me
  Girl: haha
  SkibblesMcCheese: What am I supposed to do, put them in the fridge?
  Girl: no, i usually stick mine in the freezer right before i go to bed
  SkibblesMcCheese: Seriously?
  Girl: for real
  SkibblesMcCheese: That just bgave me a stiffie
  Girl: hehe
  Girl: why?
  SkibblesMcCheese: I don't know... just imaging you sticking a pillow in the freezer... it just kinda made me hard, that's all
  Girl: bending over to stick it in the freezer?
  SkibblesMcCheese: Uhhh... yeah! That was it
  Girl: what would u do if you came upon a scene such as that?
  SkibblesMcCheese: Do you have clothes on in this scene?
  Girl: hrmmm...
  Girl: that's a good question
  Girl: but... that's up to you
  SkibblesMcCheese: So no
  SkibblesMcCheese: In which case, I would build a campfire and roast some of those marshmallows
  SkibblesMcCheese: It would get pretty chilly with that freezer open
  Girl: shaddup!!
  Girl: i wanted u to like, come up behind me and grab my hips and just pull me back into u with ur dick hardening against me... but hell, if you wanna make fucking marshmallows... i suppose i can settle for that
  SkibblesMcCheese: I really like marshmallows

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