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<mjg> DrP, how the hell are you
<DrPoole> I am a slave to the money my friend.
<DrPoole> I am the nine, to, fiver
<mjg> I'm a 7 to sixer
<DrPoole> Yeah.
<DrPoole> I'm lost in office space world though.
<DrPoole> I get home, and have no interest in my home box. 
<mjg> TPS Reports?
<DrPoole> something like that.
<mjg> that reminds me, my coworker still has my copy of Office Space
<DrPoole> I pretty much sit at the tv, or I go to the bar with friends at night.
<mjg> go to the bar.  wish i had that time.  you liking the work?
<DrPoole> Yeah, but...my place is weird.
<DrPoole> it's like....there's so little to actually DO...
<DrPoole> but...there's a lot that needs to get done
<DrPoole> but...only one guy really knows what those items are.
<DrPoole> so, the only way to get a project
<DrPoole> is to show interest in it, and to fire off ideas to him, or...in other words...bother him until he gives you something todotofillthevoidOFTHEMOTHERFUCKINGWORKDAY!!!!

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