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RIAA Rep 387: My name is Mark Guineve, and I am a representative of the Recording Industry Association of America. We here at the RIAA, have recieved reports of illegal filesharing of copyrighted materials on your PC. We are currently filing lawsuits, against copyright infringement offenders, and are willing to give you a courtesy warning to stop these illegal activities, or we will subpoenea your ISP, to take further action.
RIAA Rep 387: We have detected several acts of illegal piracy on your computer.
RIAA Rep 387: Ma'am, I am also in New Jersey and I can call your house if you would prefer.
Girl: what am i supposed to do
RIAA Rep 387: Ma'am, are you currently using KaZaA, or is it another File-Sharing service?
Girl: kazaa
Girl: i just closed out of it
Girl: WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!
RIAA Rep 387: Ma'am, it is necessary that you now dance around topless with a fishstick in your pants.
RIAA Rep 387: Ma'am, are you doing this yet?
Girl: **** u!
RIAA Rep 387: Not appropriate language, Kristy.
RIAA Rep 387: Nah, I'm just messin' with you.
Girl: that scared me.. i was about to start dancin
Girl: jp who is this

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