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(VapOr) what the command 2 setup the bunnyscript?
<Stormcaller> just press alt-f4 to bring up the setup menu
<@shp|away> format c:/q
[Q] VapOr has quit IRC - [Quit: FFS GOTO SLEEP NN ALL have sweet dreams]
<@shp|away> lol
<Stormcaller> ROFL
[J] VapOr has joined #lobby - [Woof@cloaked-18013.btinternet.com]
<Stormcaller> hahaha
* @shp|away points and laughs
<@shp|away> i think he meant ctrl-F4
[P] VapOr has left #lobby
[J] VapOr has joined #lobby - [Woof@cloaked-18013.btinternet.com]
<@shp|away> rofl
(VapOr) pfff
<@shp|away> sorry
<@shp|away> really
<Stormcaller> hah
<@shp|away> that was cheap
(VapOr) ok i d/l it then i installed it
<Stormcaller> next you'll be telling him its "/quit i am a ponce"
(VapOr) "/quit i am a ponce
[Q] VapOr has quit IRC - [Quit: i am a ponce]
[J] VapOr has joined #lobby - [Woof@cloaked-18013.btinternet.com]
<Stormcaller> lol
(VapOr) cool
(Diamond_Viper) lol fool
<@shp|away> well now he knows three new commands anyways

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