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<spacemank> someone help me think of an eye catching phrase or something about me.
<cky> hm
<cky> your nickname rhymes with 'wank'
<PsykoDave> Spacewank!
<spacemank> gr... not to do with my NICK
<cky> well, you said about you :P
<spacemank> yes, me. not my nick.
<spacemank> I am not my nick.
<spacemank> I am me.
<Greg|wawy> if you re-arrange the letters, you get "spankmace"
<cky> your nick has to do with you
<spacemank> not really.
<spacemank> GRR
<spacemank> USELESS
<Greg|wawy> :D
<cky> which is almost "spank mice"
<cky> you could also rearrange it to say MSPancake!
<spacemank> I hate you.

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