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<+phU|CrUM> i woke up to the sound of rain of the roof
<+phU|CrUM> layed in bed and listend to it for a couple of minutes then rememberd that i left my windows down in the car
<+BalefireX> that would have been funny to watch
<+phU|CrUM> what? me sprint out of bed, run outside half asleep, realize that i forgot my keys, slip in the mud and almost fall on my face turning around, get inside, grab my keys, sprint back outside and close my windows?
<+phU|CrUM> naw, that wouldnt have been funny to watch
<+BalefireX> you realize that your car would have been just as wet had you taken your time to get dressed and calmly walk out and do it?
<+phU|CrUM> you see, now i realize that... but when im half asleep im like 10x as dumb as i usually am
<+BalefireX> im amazed you remembered to breathe

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