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<[TFCC]MysteryDate> and what kind of tools am I going to need to put all this crap together
<[TFCC]MitsuMan> philips head screwdriver and knife to open packages lol
<[TFCC]FloorPie> A knife? Use your teeth
<[TFCC]MysteryDate> what about securing the mobo in the case
<[TFCC]FloorPie> You'll have such a hard on when the new hardware arives, just poke the package open
<[TFCC]MysteryDate> or tape and grease? i read somewehreabout that
<[TFCC]MysteryDate> but I have no idea why
<[TFCC]MitsuMan> everything will come with mounting screws M
<[TFCC]MysteryDate> oh right
<[TFCC]MysteryDate> dammit
<[TFCC]FloorPie> The tape is to hold your hardon down
<[TFCC]FloorPie> the greese is for afterwards

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