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<Cross> Oh, wow. Old school papers.
<Cross> This one was on 'alternative energy sources'. This is from near the end, when I was really too tired to be writing:
<Cross> "Wind energy is a method of collecting power from the blowing of the wind. Not only is this a clean and renewable energy source, but it can actually displace excess Carbon Dioxide in an area. Problems behind wind energy also exist. It is not available in many areas, and requires a lot of money to build. The wind turbines can also interfere with television and radio signals and cause noise pollution. Also, birds can fly into the rotors."
<Cross> "Then they have to send the janitor Steve out to clean the thing, and it just ruins his day. Then he goes home and beats his kids. So if you support wind energy, you support domestic violence."
<Cross> That's when you know you're tired.
<Herring> That is awesome.

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