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<-{br}Huer{d}> My Linux box has 72 pin simms
<-{br}Huer{d}> no wondre I only put in 48 mb
<RuneStar> wow
<-{br}Huer{d}> what do I do para?
<RuneStar> thats fucking amazing
<RuneStar> oh shit
<Para@Work> put more in?
<RuneStar> what do you do now
<RuneStar> you computer fucking nerd
<-{br}Huer{d}> I cant.. all bays are loaded
<RuneStar> shit
<RuneStar> they are
<RuneStar> thats fucked
<Para@Work> put bigger modules in?
<RuneStar> ahh
<RuneStar> of course
<Para@Work> kinda like RS likes to do with his anus

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