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<mad> shit shit shit
<mad> i just started blaring tunes, thinking i had only my headphones on
<mad> but i forgot to turn off my speakers..
<mad> i bet i just woke everyone in the house up
<Gold> lol
<Gold> nice one
<mad> meh
<mad> im drunk
<mad> what do i care
<GreenWrecKingBall> hahaha
<GreenWrecKingBall> lucky it wasn't porn
<mad> omg
<mad> that's exactly what i was about to type
<mad> "lucky it was was rage against the machine, instead of this pron mpg i was about to load up"
<mad> since the only reason i realized my speakers were on is my feet could feel my sub kicking
<mad> i doubt the pron woulda done that until about half way in

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