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RubbarDuckling: my middle eastern boss pulled me aside from work today
RubbarDuckling: and was like
RubbarDuckling: "there are some things that are concerning me with your work, you didnt fill the lids or the napkins...you left the steam tables on overnight and the place could have burned down..but most importantly...you didnt wear your uniform"
RubbarDuckling: im like "wait  wearing a uniform is more important than setting a building aflame....how?"
RubbarDuckling: and hes like
RubbarDuckling: "oh and yea...you need to stop being so sarcastic."
RubbarDuckling: "and with your work you need to work better...you know..pull your socks up!"
RubbarDuckling: and im like "what the...what??  pull my socks up uhhh..."
RubbarDuckling: what the fuck is pull my socks up mean
RubbarDuckling: i liked how arson is 2nd on his list though

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