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<Inversation> okay, tell me something people. Is it wrong to reeeaalllly like something alot?
<^Spike^> Uh.. no
<Inversation> and is it wrong to, say, want to eat that something, even if it wasnt designed to be eaten, per se?
<^Spike^> ,,,,,,,,,,
<^Spike^> What are we talking about?
<Turnip> aaron
<Turnip> you can't eat your daughter
<Inversation> because I have an addiction to this AktaVite chocolate drink stuff
<^Spike^> EW
* Jessica^Rabbit falls over
* Turnip picks jess up and tapes her to a chair to stop her falling over again
<Inversation> i'm worried here, because it says 'add milk'
<Inversation> but I Just Dont Wannna

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