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<Chirako> You know what cereal is really nasty?
<Chirako> Gravy Train.
<Chirako> It's like, these little hard pieces of bran and crumbly beef flavored crap.  You pour water over it, and it gets soggy and makes gravy around it.
<Disco_Ernie> Chirako..that's...dog food..
<Chirako> It was NOT dog food!
<Chirako> Mommy wouldn't feed me dog food!
* Chirako looks at Mommy
<Chirako> IT'S DOG FOOD!
<Chirako> http://www.gravytraindog.com/
<Chirako> She's always been obsessed with me eating dog food... >_<
<Chirako> When I was little, she told me the Jerky Treats were real jerky, and I kept eating the whole bag
* Chirako gags
<Chirako> If there's one thing dogs love, it's rich,
<Chirako> beefy gravy. That's why every nugget of
<Chirako> Gravy Train is basted in real beef juices.
<Chirako> Just mix it with warm water, and you can
<Chirako> give your dog a warm homestyle meal,
<Chirako> dripping with the delicious gravy he loves.
* Chirako graons
<Chirako> Oh, man.... I'm gonna kill her
<Disco_Ernie> At least Chirako will have:
<Disco_Ernie> Healthy skin
<Disco_Ernie>  Glossy coat
<Disco_Ernie>  Strong teeth and bones
<Disco_Ernie>  Builds and maintains body tissue
<Disco_Ernie>  Efficient digestion
<Disco_Ernie>  Clear eyes
<Chirako> ..I should have known.
<Chirako> She NEVER makes me breakfast

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